Restaurant Postcard Marketing

Restaurant Postcard Marketing

Let’s face it – social media ads and new marketing tools are expensive and might not offer guaranteed traffic to your restaurant. If you have been looking for affordable yet effective ways to reach out to prospects looking for great restaurants to try, postcard marketing can be a good solution. 

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive ones in the world. To stay afloat, you’ll need to pull out your secret sauce recipe. Quite literally, postcard marketing can be the secret recipe that brings diners gushing into your restaurant. 

This article will spill the beans about the basics of restaurant postcard marketing. If you’ve underestimated the effect of postcards on the modern-day audience, this article will change your perception!

So, are you ready to learn how you can leverage postcard marketing for your restaurant?

How Can Postcard Marketing Benefit Restaurants?

There are several benefits of postcard marketing for restaurants. For starters, postcard marketing is a tremendous brand-building exercise for restaurants. It can help you build new relationships with customers in your neighborhood. In a nutshell, postcard marketing can drive awareness and traffic to your business.

You can send out postcards with irresistible offers or unique information. Postcard marketing carries a personal touch that can convince your neighbors to drop by and try your restaurant.

It presents an opportunity to create close-knit and life-long relationships with your customers. It also allows restaurants to combine direct mail marketing and digital channels. 

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Restaurant Postcard Marketing

8 Ways to Use Postcard Marketing for Restaurants

Postcard marketing is only complex until you figure out what type works best for your campaign. Luckily, restaurants can leverage postcards in several ways to attract customers. Here are eight ways restaurants can use postcard marketing: 

1.     Send Postcards to Targeted Neighborhoods

These postcards offer neighborhood-level and affordable targeting for restaurants. Since you are operating on a local level, try to identify the demographics of people around your business. Drafting messages and communications that engage is the key to making impactful postcards.

Through your postcards target:

·         Residential customers with the same zip code and neighboring zip codes

·         Business and residential customers in your proximity

·         Customers who fit your demographic profiling

Targeting customers and giving them what they want sometimes works better than a clever marketing gimmick.

2.Entice Your Audience With a Discount

Most of the customers on your mailing list will appreciate discounts and offers. If the holiday season is approaching, you can attract them by offering a one-of-a-kind offer. You can use postcards to deliver special offers that can encourage people to try out your restaurant.

Here are some ideas for restaurant offers:

·         Early bird offers

·         Freebies for visiting your restaurant

·         Complimentary beverage or dessert for a minimum order amount

·         Buy one get one kind of offers

·         A discount coupon·         Gift voucher for birthdays or other special days

3.     Promote Special Events

Postcards are an incredible way to tell your customers about special events. Most of the time, customers are looking to dine at places that are conducting entertaining events. Postcards for announcing events are not only a great way to invite but also promote the same.

Here are some unique event postcards that restaurants can use:

·         Pet-friendly night

·         DJs and live music 

·         Nonprofit fundraising dinners

·         Ladies night out

·         Holiday parties

·         Sports screening events

You can also add additional incentives such as special discounts and VIP seating to encourage better response.

4.     Show Off Your Menu

Sometimes, it is extremely attractive for customers to notice that you have their specific favorite dish on your menu. You can display a sneak peek of your menu on postcards. It also gives them an idea about the kind of dishes and cuisine you serve.

Including the menu in postcards is a fantastic idea for:

·         Restaurants and eateries that take online orders

·         Restaurants that offer doorstep delivery

·         Drive-in restaurants

·         Carry-out restaurants

·         Pizzerias

You can include a coupon code in the postcard that can be used when the recipients order online or walk into the restaurant to dine.  

5.     Don’t Hesitate to Show Favorable Reviews

Does your restaurant have plenty of compliments and positive reviews? Well, you can use these reviews to your advantage. Make these reviews a part of your postcards. Moreover, reviews will add a touch of authenticity and trust to postcards.

You can include reviews from:

·         Food critics

·         Email testimonials

·         Testimonials on yellow pages

·         Mentions in local newspapers and magazines

·         Social media reviews such as Instagram and Facebook

·         Reviews on sites such as Yelp

Reviews by other customers act as social proof. When other customers give their opinions and thoughts about your restaurant, your leads will trust their recommendations.

6.     Promote Other Services

Does your restaurant offer food services other than just dining? Postcards are the perfect place to create awareness about these additional services. You can send postcards to the specific target demographics to spread the word about these other services.

For instance, you can send a postcard to local businesses if you offer corporate catering, business luncheon services, or party rentals. Here are a few additional services that you can promote through postcards: 

·         Party rentals

·         Business and social event catering 

·         Business luncheon services 

·         Corporate holiday event rentals 

7.Piggyback on Regional Events

You’ve to look for ways to make your dining space the ultimate destination for your target audience. You can piggyback on regional events and community lifestyle to drive more sales. Try to identify the pain points of your customers and show them how to solve the same.

They are looking to enjoy good food while the game season is on, and you’ve got that. Similarly, if your audience is looking for a thanksgiving dessert, show them that you have got the best pies. Also, if they want to host a business event, let them know that you have the perfect spot!

Here are some community events that you can use for your postcards:

·         The holiday season, festivals, and other special days

·         Football games and other sports-related events

       If there are busy working parents, tell them you can make meals easier for them. Advertise your wedding, corporate, and holiday catering services to the target audience

8.     Encourage Social Follows and Email Subscription

Postcards are an essential tool to create awareness about your restaurant and its presence. You might be forgetting, but your social media is as important as anything else. You can send postcards to let your audience know about your social media presence.

The primary aim here is to increase engagement on social media through postcards. You can encourage your audience to subscribe to your social media and email lists by:

·         Offering freebies, discounts, or vouchers when they join/like/follow

·         Sending exciting and valuable content that’ll help them

·         Assuring ongoing exciting deals to exclusive subscribers and followers

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Tips for Using Postcards for Marketing Restaurants

Is it your first time using postcards for your restaurant business? Fret not! We have got a few tips that can help you become a pro at restaurant postcard marketing. Here are some tips that can lead to a result-driving postcard marketing campaign:

Postcard Sizes Matter!

Postcards are highly effective in promoting your restaurant. They are available in different sizes. The size you pick should depend on the frequency of your competitor’s marketing. You might require an oversized postcard if you want to stand out in the crowd.

Besides, it also depends on how much and what information you want to convey. Do you have a live entertainment schedule to share? Or a long list of cocktail menus?

The ‘X’ Factor to Improve Results

The ‘X’ factor is something that can make your postcard marketing go from the bottom to the top. You should coordinate your campaign across all social channels, including postcards. It all works in a loop.

When the audience receives your postcards, they might first check out social media before visiting your restaurant. In simpler words, make sure that the content of your postcard is in sync with the digital campaigns on other social channels.

Carefully Pick Mailing Lists – Who’s the Target and Why?

You can sort your mailing list into a few categories:

·         Resident mailing lists

·         Customer mailing lists

One of the most viable mailing lists for restaurants is birthday lists. As a restaurant owner, you can purchase this list and focus on the birthday of the people around your business location. These mailing lists can work incredibly to build loyal customer relationships for restaurants.

The Basics of Design

While the size is an important aspect, the design of your message also carries weight. For a restaurant postcard, the design principle is simple – use vibrant food images that make your recipient crave for good food.

Here are the design elements that can improve the success rate of your postcard marketing campaign:

·         Map of your restaurant’s location

·         A bold and clear headline

·         Relevant and vibrant images

·         An attractive color scheme

·         Special vouchers or discounts

·         Website address and contact information

·         A CTA that stands out

·         Company logo and name

·         Benefits of the product or service

·         Reviews with graphics

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Why is a targeted approach so crucial for postcard marketing?

Analyzing and using information about your target group plays a huge role in marketing. Moreover, sending postcards to the right leads can have a significant impact. For example, if your restaurant business also offers deliveries within a particular geography, you should advertise to the audience in that area. Additionally, maintaining a targeted approach for your postcard marketing campaign can ensure a good ROI.

What are some tips for designing restaurant postcards?

Four key aspects can make or break your postcard design. Implementing these four design aspects in your postcards can ensure maximum impact. 
Be Bold: Use captivating images and tag lines to grab attention.
Attach a Lucrative Offer: Offer something that your customers can’t resist.
Place Your Brand: Create brand recognition to create awareness about your presence.
Most Important – CTA: Include an intelligent, loud, and persuasive CTA to push customers to take a step ahead.

What are the best postcard marketing companies?

These days, many online postcard companies can take care of the whole process for your restaurant. However, not all of them can do a good job. It would be best to look out for companies that can ace the art of persuasion through postcards. Here are some companies that can help out with restaurant postcard marketing:·         San Jose Direct Mail
·         Cactus Mailing
·         Every door direct mail
·         Cardigent 
·         Vista Print
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Final Thoughts

With lots of discussion on restaurant postcard marketing, this article is about to end. Hopefully, you were able to understand the importance of postcard marketing for your restaurant business. Postcard marketing is a targeted approach that can bring a steady stream of customers. This affordable marketing tool will help you build awareness about your restaurant. The best part about postcard marketing is that it offers an endless scope of creativity. You can flash your super delicious menu or offer lucrative discounts through postcards. 
We also recommend hiring professionals to take care of postcard marketing for your restaurant. So, let your neighbors know that you have exciting dishes and desserts to offer! 
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Restaurant Postcard Marketing


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