5 Essentials to Have in Your Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

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Regardless of your business’s size and offers, finding powerful marketing tools is crucial to staying ahead of the competition and effectively reaching your target audience. It lets you better understand customers and create engaging content. This step can also increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales. 

Despite the rapid rise of the digital age, direct mail is still a powerful marketing tool for companies of all sizes. It’s because recipients enjoy receiving mail, sorting through it immediately, and spending some time looking for it. However, like other things, you can only enjoy the benefits if you do it properly. 

If you want to connect with the household decision-maker and raise brand awareness, this article will enumerate five must-haves to include in your direct mail marketing checklist. 

1. A Comprehensive Direct Mail Marketing Plan

Postcards are an affordable option for most businesses. However, your direct mail marketing strategy needs a comprehensive plan like other successful marketing efforts. This step will help you avoid wasting time and money on campaigns that will fall flat. It will also spare you from disappointment if you don’t get the expected results and enable you to tailor your efforts to the right audience. 

Before sending out a direct mail postcard campaign, you must consider your objectives to help you track results. You should also consider the timing based on the type of business and season. Moreover, always remember to stick to your budget. 

2. The Recipients of Your Postcards

Once you’ve created a comprehensive direct mail marketing campaign, it’s time to determine the lucky people that will receive your unique postcards. This step means specifying the demographics of your target audience, like age, location, income, and interests. Without it, you’ll be wasting precious time and money and annoying your recipients. 

You can mail your postcards by sending them to a curated list of addresses or using the United States Postal Service (USPS) Every Door Direct Mail® to reach everyone in a specific area. You can also use both options with your selected company’s mailing service. 

3. Your Postcard’s Design 

Direct mail marketing is most effective when your material is visually appealing, quickly understandable, and appropriately branded. While it may take a lot of effort for many companies, you can easily customize your direct email postcard that meets these requirements by using a pre-existing online template and collaborating with a professional company. 

When designing an effective postcard, it must have an attractive offer, a bold headline, a clear call to action (CTA), and beautiful photos. It should also have clear branding with your logo and colors.

4. USPS-Approved Direct Mailing Guides

While it’s essential to include all the required information on your postcard, you should also ensure that it meets the USPS guidelines for direct mail. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a failed postcard campaign. You can prevent accidental cover-ups by choosing templates that comply with the guidelines. 

5. Postcard Printing and Mailing Methods

Once you’ve complied with the USPS guidelines and determined your target recipients, you must know how to print and mail your postcards. This step will help you save money, reach the right target audience, and ensure timely delivery. However, finding the correct procedures can be tricky for small businesses, especially with the various options. 

Fortunately, the most convenient way to do this is to use a program with mailing services. That way, you can eliminate the need to print the postcards in one location and transport them to the post office for mailing. 


Despite the rise of digital advertising, direct mail marketing efforts can help businesses reach a broad audience. However, you must execute it properly to raise brand awareness and get more customers. You can enjoy these benefits by adding the essentials to your advertising checklist and collaborating with a professional company. 

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