Real Estate Postcard Marketing: Simple Postcards That Work

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Direct mail may be a difficult chore to master. Understanding what helps a mail piece perform well (or poorly) might be difficult. There is no doubt that all components of a direct mail campaign need to be handled correctly to get a high response rate. One of the most important components is the information you are attempting to convey to your receivers.

As clear as it ought to be, we frequently come across corny, poorly worded, and overall dumb remarks in the advertising, emails, and websites that consumers use to locate great deals. Perhaps it’s a failure of imagination. Perhaps these folks simply do not grasp the psychology. 

Over the past, we’ve dabbled with a variety of themes and letter styles. After experimenting with hundreds of various techniques (that were successful, while others failed terribly), these are the top three postcard layouts that have consistently delivered the best outcome for us.

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Postcards that highlight the properties you’re selling

1. Taking Advantage of the just listed properties

The ‘just listed’ postcard is a fine place to begin as it is the staple of any effective realtor’s strategic campaign.

This just listed postcard has two functions: The first step is to notify purchasers in your circle about a home they may show interest in. The next is to notify your neighbors that you, the local property rock star, has recently listed a fantastic house. 

The just listed postcard is ideal for use in circular soliciting, which is the process of sending out materials to houses around your current listings and prior transactions. If you use this approach consistently, it will get more effective with time.

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Spec_Just Listed
Quicklink: Find one of these postcards right here

2.  Repurposing just sold properties

The ‘just sold’ postcard, like the ‘recently offered’ postcard, is mostly about getting your accomplishments known. Get the news out over every unit you sell. It is beneficial to have your banner in the yard for exposure. Check up on that exposure with a note informing everybody that you’ve completed the task and that you can do it for them too.

Yet again, if you are persistent with this technique, your outcomes from circle solicitation will increase substantially. So incorporate it into your file closure procedure; it will undoubtedly result in more listings. But remember to never overdo this!

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3. Putting Expired Listings to good use

If you, as a real estate agent, understand how to repurpose expired listings, they can turn out to be a goldmine of leads for your realtor business. Most realtors dissatisfied with their poor rate of success with expired listings generally lack the right technique to make this work.

In terms of message, this letter is an excellent spot to pinpoint the realtor’s pain points, let people truly understand how irritating an expired posting may be, and that you’re here to give them the help they need.

4. For sale by owner postcards

FSBO sellers are also good choices for a postcard. A ‘For Sale By Owner’ (FSBO) seller has declared to the public that they intend to sell their house. It’s down to you to demonstrate that you’re the best way to get it sold.

Your card wording should center on what you can do to remove the difficult parts of selling a house. Recognize the issues, but don’t linger on them. Rather, concentrate on your ideas, and then pursue a good phone call or drop-by to clinch the transaction.

Postcards that highlight your services and establish trust

1.    Highlighting your services with a postcard.

What you need to do as a real estate broker sometimes, to get started, is prove to the prospects that your knowledge about the market is accurate and reliable. This builds trust. Get this postcard while you’re scouting a new place with unique prospects. Find a lovely area in recent days and tailor your pitch to them by giving a free competitive market study.

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2.    Marking your entrance into the market with postcards

Getting the message out about a new company, early on in your profession, and possessing a postcard to aid that is a wonderful idea. Be upbeat. Include what is essential to you as a broker and why it is significant to your region.

A large business card list isn’t necessarily preferable for this sort of postcard. While it may be enticing to bombard the entire state with realtor postcards, bear in mind who would be the most responsive individuals (the ones who already have a general sense of who you are). 

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3. Inclusion of rental communities and prospective buyers

Many realtors assume that renting neighborhoods anywhere around their agricultural regions are ideal for prospecting for purchasers through a postcard. Because many of the inhabitants of these areas are first-time homeowners, marketing particularly to them can provide a good profit.

When you customize the content to your target audience, you will obtain a significantly greater response. Assume you wish to farm an apartment building where the mean total rent for a 2BHK flat is $1,200. Using a simple mortgage calculator, estimate what that kind of monthly income could enable the prospect to have the cost of customer acquisition , and tailor your message accordingly.

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Postcards that call for action

1. Making people come to a decision

We’ve all had customers who have been hanging around in the leads pipeline for months—people who simply can’t make a decision. Sending an encouraging note by postcard to eventual customers who need a little shove may be quite successful.

If you want to optimize your returns, you must tailor your signal to the customers. Add some information about the average time on sale for your specific region, to make your postcard readers feel that the marketplace isn’t only excellent, but it’s tailor-made for them.

Almaden smiles dentistry direct mail postcard by san jose direct mail advertising
Almaden smiles dentistry direct mail postcard by san jose direct mail advertising

2. Importance of personal contacts

The client base is aware of what they might receive from you as an engaged realtor. The more you perform this job, the further your peer group learns to anticipate it, whether it be in the form of written text, telephone conversations, mail, or spirited discussion at the local drinking hole.

Do something out of the ordinary. Because they understand you, they are much more inclined to keep the postcard for a longer period.

3. Making use of referrals and follow ups

Sometimes, all of your most important conversations with new customers come from purchasers and sellers with whom you’ve closed deals. A postcard is used to proactively request recommendations works well when combined with such a telephone call 24 hours later. 

4. Calling for action

When a purchaser does not experience a sense of desperation in their judgment process, it is simple for them to loiter in or drop out of the lead’s pipeline entirely. You don’t ever want the potential customer to feel pressured into reaching a choice they are not prepared for, but a sense of urgency is all that is required to start them considering again.

‘Sitting on the fence buyer postcard’ is ideal for any prospective prospective client who’s taking longer to respond to calls and messages, who did not attend the opening party last Saturday, or who is thinking about “simply leasing next year.”

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Your message can be soft and personal, but it must be intentional and should have a strong call to action.Quicklink: Need a personalized real estate postcard template to send? We got you covered.

Grabbing Opportunities from multiple aspects

1.  Highlighting and making important dates

Staying in touch with pleased customers is the greatest way to stay connected to your past client list who might consider a second deal or simply require real estate guidance. In fact, they could refer you to people they know. 

Sending a birthday postcard to each of your closings is an easy method to stay on top of the minds of future clients. Because they are one-time postcards, choose a picture that may be used for numerous potential clients. Also, provide a brief message, and mark your delivery date in the future so you don’t forget.

2. The best time to start a conversation are special occasions

Significant events are excellent opportunities to interact with your whole circle. Big vacations are fantastic moments for engagement, but don’t miss significant but sometimes forgotten occasions such as back to college, daylight saving period, or Environment Day. These generally universal topics and seasons are likely to resonate with your customers.

For optimum efficacy, try to time the arrival of the email for businesses like this. A daylight saving time notification, for example, will be useless if it comes two months prior and will be useless if it comes two weeks late. Keep your statement upbeat and succinct, and add a call to action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What are the must-haves of a realtor postcard design?

Big, strong visuals: A postcard campaign is a form of visual communication, and if your information is presented in text, you must capture your user’s attention as they remove your card from the post. For the same purpose, the main picture on a card is critical, as is having your photograph. Make it clear who’s behind the content that your readership is appreciating. If you wouldn’t offer options for people to contact you on the postcard, the number of responses is certain to be nil. At the very least, provide your name, mobile number, and business address.

What would you like your mailer’s recipients to do after reading your statement? Make sure you guide your viewers, whether it be to phone you to talk about property pricing or to display their football match calendar on the refrigerator. Most states demand a mailing address for unwanted letter items, as well as your broker name in the event of property investment advertising. Make sure to mention your brokerage’s details appropriately.

  •  Why do realtors post coming soon signs?

‘Available shortly’ listings are a type of promotion that generates interest in a place before it is officially on the marketplace. When the property is listed as coming soon, realtors can ignite interest before its arrival. This shortens its idle time on the market before getting sold.

  • Do Just Listed postcards work?

Many agents wonder if they’re worth the bother of mailing, and the reply is an unequivocal yes! ‘Just Listed’ real estate marketing postcards are indeed an efficient and cost-effective approach to help you achieve your company objectives, and the results are tested and proven.

  • How effective are postcard mailers?

It’s a simple, cost-effective, and entertaining way to boost traffic and revenue. Postcards are excellent reminders for offers. Postcards aid in spreading the message and increasing awareness. Without spending money on email newsletters, you can specifically have targeted consumers.

  • What is the most effective postcard size?

Postcard size is important, as it is with any marketing endeavor. The most important component of a postcard advertising campaign would be that it stands out from other mail that a prospective customer may get the same day. A real estate postcard design that is too tiny risks being lost in the mix. Similarly, an excessively large card may be discarded because it is uncomfortable or difficult to hold.

A 6-inch-by-11-inch postcard is an excellent choice for standing out in a bunch of other shipping items.Quick link: If you’re convinced postcard marketing can get you more real estate leads, you’re a click away from discussing this with our team to bring your idea to fruition. Why wait?


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