Postcard Marketing: Your Guide To Effective Postcard Advertising

postcard marketing

What if we told you about an underrated strategy to grow your business revenue? Shh….It’s time to use postcard marketing! Postcard marketing is a great way to reach a larger audience and get more people on board with your company.

In this blog post we’ll go over how you can start using postcards in your own business. We’ll talk about everything from the cost of producing a postcard advertisement, its effectiveness in comparison with other forms of advertising, and examples of high-performing campaigns that have been run by businesses!

What is postcard marketing and how does it work?

Postcard marketing is a form of direct marketing that delivers an advertising message to the recipient in person or at their place of work. Today, people continue to use postcards as a way to advertise and promote their products and services because it is cost effective and reaches a large audience.

Using this method enables businesses to deliver their message and promotional offers directly to the target audience via postcard. It also can be used as a reminder or invitation for potential clients or customers that may have missed the last contact. The recipient might then respond by mailing back an order, signing up for a newsletter, making a phone call or following social media profiles of the company.

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The cost of a postcard campaign

The cost of a postcard campaign varies depending on whether you are sending it to your existing customers, your prospects, or someone new. To send the card to people who already know of your company you will just need their mailing address. However, if you want to reach out to new contacts then you will need their name and mailing address. Another thing to consider is how many postcards you want to send.

If you want to send a large number of cards then the cost per unit will go down. The more postcards that are sent, the cheaper each one becomes.

This is why it can be a wise decision to order in bulk. You want your postcards to reach as many people as possible, and the more cards that are sent, the better chance you have of gaining new customers or increasing revenue from current ones.

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How effective is a postcard campaign?

Postcards are extremely cost-effective and can reach more customers than other forms of advertising because unlike billboards or print ads, they can be mailed directly to homes. Customers do not need to go out looking for your business; the information comes right to them through the postcards that you send.

Another benefit of using postcards is its ability to reach a wider audience than other forms of direct marketing, such as email and text messaging. Even if the response rates of recipients could sometimes be low, they will still have the card in their hands so it’s likely that one day at least someone might see it.

It’s affordable, user-friendly, and effective for businesses of all sizes. You can even include coupons or discounts on the backside of the card as an added bonus for those who respond!

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Effectiveness of postcard marketing against other types of marketing

Postcard marketing is a very effective form of direct marketing. Effective by using postcards, businesses can reach out to more customers and increase the likelihood that they will convert into a customer.

The cost-effective way of advertising is also beneficial for small businesses that cannot afford to spend on billboards or print ads. Postcards are less expensive than other types of advertising, which means you can get more bang for your buck!

Another advantage of postcard marketing is the design element. Unlike banners, brochures, TV commercials, etc., postcards can be customized with detailed information which provides an opportunity for businesses to distinguish themselves from competitors. As mentioned above, postcards can also be displayed in public spaces making them more likely to reach a larger audience than other marketing efforts. 

How to get started using postcards in your business

There are many steps that you can take to get started with postcard marketing. For starters, the most important thing is the front of your card. You want to make sure that it captures the attention of the reader so they are interested in what’s on the back.

What kind of paper should I use?

You have two options if you are looking for paper stock. One option is high gloss white card stock with a UV coating which will come out beautifully with full color printing. The other option if you are looking to save money would be matte coated textured paper which isn’t as costly and won’t look as nice on the front but will still serve its purpose.

How to create an eye catching message on the front?

You also want to make sure that your front of the postcard is eye-catching. With a matter paper, it will be easier to customize the font and message which will make your card more personalized and tailored to you business. The easiest way to get started with design is by using a template. Templates are an easy way to personalize your card while still looking professional for your potential customers. There are many templates out there but one good place to start would be Canva.

The importance of design in running a successful postcard campaign

Design is one of the most important elements when it comes to running an effective postcard campaign. If you do not design your card well, it isn’t going to be effective in converting people into customers.

what you should include on the backside of your cards as an added bonus for those who respond!

Adding social proof to your postcard

1) Use testimonials and quotes  – Find someone who has had success with one of your products or services and ask them about their experience. Not only does this help build trust in potential customers’ minds, but it gives them something they can relate to when trying to decide whether or not

2) Add an endorsement from an industry expert or celebrity on one side of the card.

3) Encourage recipients to share their favorite moments with friends through social media by including a hashtag on one side of the card

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Postcard marketing for B2B companies

Postcard marketing is a great way for B2B companies to stand out from the crowd. If you’re a B2B company, chances are that your marketing budget is not as high as it could be. Postcard marketing can help to get your message out there while saving money. It’s a great way to connect with customers and potential clients who might not have been aware of you before, or haven’t heard from you in some time.

Write about how small businesses can use postcard marketing

In comparison to other forms of marketing, postcard marketing has a number of benefits and advantages. It’s a good way for small businesses to promote their products or services as long as the backside of the card contains a call to action which will help them convert people into customers.

Some of the many benefits of postcard marketing for small businesses include:

-Does not require a large amount of capital investment.

-Do not require manpower and can be done with just one person.

-It can be used across all media which means that you don’t have to worry about what kind of mediums your target market is using, unlike some other forms of marketing such as TV commercials or radio ads.

-Can be used in public areas.

– Easy to design and print – all that’s needed is a printer or copier, card stock paper, envelopes, and stamps

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Horizontal or Vertical postcards

The question of vertical vs horizontal postcard orientation is a hotly debated topic in the marketing world. There are pros and cons to both orientations, but most marketers agree that it’s best to test out different versions of your design with each orientation before deciding on one. 

The orientation of your postcard will depend on the type of message you want to send. For example, if you’re looking to create a sense of urgency, using a vertical layout with an image at the top might be best. On the other hand, if your goal is to create anticipation or generate curiosity about what’s inside the card, then try using a horizontal design instead.

Requisites for a postcard marketing campaign

Mailing lists (Valid addresses with ZIP code)

Direct mail postcards

Postcard design

Promo codes (in case of discounts being given)

Return address

Custom stamps

A successful example of postcard marketing

One company that exemplifies the effectiveness of using a postcard campaign is Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) in Colorado. They used their cards to promote public transportation and encourage green living, resulting in more than 13 million card impressions! They designed a custom message on one side and included information about RFTA’s services, routes, stops locations and more on the other side along with an informational QR code that links to all kinds of helpful public transportation tools online.

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Postcard marketing mistakes

Here are some mistakes to avoid when designing your postcards:

-Use too much text on your cards because you want to fill space. Keep it simple, clear, and concise.

-Getting too creative with your design might make your postcard hard to read. Use only two or three bold colors in color printing. 

-Too many graphics in one card can confuse the reader and make their eye focus in one spot for too long. Choose something colorful that can catch people’s eye!

-Don’t put stickers that cause the bright color of the paper to change on both sides of the card. One side should have a message that is easy to read, and the other can be used for your call to action or more information.

-Avoid using too many fonts on one card so it’s easier to read.

-It’s important to keep your message simple and interesting so that people can easily understand what you are trying to say!

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Points to remember in running a successful postcard marketing campaign

– Use full color printing for your cards or save money by using textured paper.

– Use Canva for templates and design ideas for your postcards.

– Use a template to save time and be more efficient with designing your own cards.

– Designing the front of your card is one of the most important aspects in running an effective campaign!

– Remember to keep your message simple, clear, and concise.

– Don’t forget about design when it comes to postcards – you want something that will catch the eye of potential customers!

– Make sure that there is a call to action on the backside of your cards so people know exactly what they need to do next in order to get in touch with you.

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Does postcard marketing work?

Given the right design and message, postcard marketing can be an effective way to reach new customers and provide an excellent return on investment. 

The key to having a successful postcard campaign is being able to target specific audiences and segments, which can be done by choosing the right type of message for your card.

How should I design my postcards?

You should aim for simplicity when designing your cards – you want something that will catch the eye of potential customers but also make it easier to read your message. Having a bold headline definitely helps. 

In the era of brands using digital marketing to market their brands, it could be a simple postcard campaign with a compelling message that gets things to work for you! Postcards are personal and bring with them a whole of memories that can put a smile on the faces of your prospects/customers. A smile is good news for your brand, ain’t it?

However, a postcard marketing campaign needs to be executed with precision, else it might not give the results you’re looking for. This is where direct mail marketing services can help you. Why not take the help of people who know this inside out and make your marketing campaign a grand success.

SanJose direct mail offers one of the lowest prices in the industry and out team of direct mail experts can help you craft the perfect postcard campaign for your brand.

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