Dental Postcard Marketing 101


There is a wide array of marketing techniques that dental practices can use to make themselves the best option for anything dental in their neighborhood. Dental postcard marketing happens to be one surefire way that brings promising results. In this email-inundated world, traditional direct mail methods might fail to perform. 

The good news is that dental postcard marketing offers a worthy ROI. However, planning a direct mail marketing campaign with postcards might not always be as easy as you think.

If you plan to use postcard marketing for your dental practice, you’ve come to the right place. This article entails anything and everything you’ll need to know about dental postcard marketing and how to do it right. Let’s get started!

What is Postcard Marketing?

Before moving to dental postcard marketing tactics, let’s understand postcard marketing. 

Postcard marketing refers to the distribution of postcard ads to a targeted group of people. It is considered to be one of the most cost-effective forms of direct mail marketing. Marketing experts also believe that postcard marketing has plenty of scope for creativity and persuasion. 

A dental practice can design custom dental postcards to promote a new service or product. Postcard marketing also lets dental businesses spread the word about their services. They can use customer insights to develop target demographics or neighborhoods they’d like to target. 

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dental postcard marketing 

6 Brilliant Dental Postcard Marketing Ideas

Direct mail marketing is an excellent investment for dental practitioners. The conversion rates are much higher with direct mail marketing methods like postcard marketing. In this section, we’ll talk about what makes a dental postcard a success. 

1. Don’t Forget to Target Existing Customers.

Don’t forget that attracting your existing customers wasn’t easy and that you had to put in a lot of effort for the same. Also, it is these current customers who bring a chunk of revenue to your dental practice. As a result, dental practices should also emphasize on keeping existing customers happy. 

By targeting existing customers, you can forge strong long-time relationships. Moreover, targeting existing customers with dental postcard marketing is cost-effective. Consider these postcards as a regular check-in with patients. You may also offer customer-only discounts to existing customers. 

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Many of us wish to list or bookmark a product or an article so that we can come back and read it later or consider it in the future. People often struggle with the decision-making stage of the customer journey. Your patients might be interested, but they need a nudge to take the final plunge. 

Dental implant postcards should be able to break through the inertia of the “I’m still considering it!” mindset. In simpler words, it should compel people to take immediate action. It would help if you tried to showcase scarcity through dental postcards. 

3. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Many surveys suggest that people make impulse-driven purchases during the festive season. Offering discounts during these peak months of the year can help you capitalize on such moments. Most of your audience might develop a spending mindset when they see an exclusive discount coupon.  

Since you compete amongst hundreds of other dental practices, it is crucial to remain in the spotlight. You can remind your patients to use their dental benefits in December before the year ends. A seasonal marketing plan for dental postcards can provide great ROIs.

4. QR Codes for an Interactive Experience

QR codes have been here for more than two decades now. When patients scan these QR codes, it redirects them to your website. Currently, QR codes seem to be the most significant trend in postcard marketing. You can design the QR codes to deliver different purposes. QR codes can also prompt patients to the review page or redirect them to the appointment page. 

The reason for using QR codes is to add additional information. Generally, postcards won’t have enough space to stuff all the information you’d like to share. Without taking up a lot of space, QR codes can guide customers to specific landing pages.

5. Elevate Your Postcard With a Map

What’s the first thing people do when they’re in a new city? They open maps and try to explore landmarks around your business location. Without a clear sense of site, patients are more likely to ditch your services. The modern postcard is a fantastic way of telling patients where to find you. Including maps in your dental postcards can increase the footfall on your dental practice location. Maps are an excellent accessory for direct mail campaigns. Some advanced direct mail designers can also incorporate personalized maps that are unique to each visitor.

6. Attach Social Media Buttons

Dental practices maintain social media pages these days. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your dental marketing campaign, try to expand your engagement to social media. These days, more and more people resort to social media to pick their products and services. 

You can add a CTA to your postcard that encourages patients to follow you on social media. Or, you can make things easier by adding social media QR codes that’ll redirect the audience to your social media pages. Also, it is crucial to mention the entire username if you are not using scannable codes/buttons. Quick Link: San Jose Direct Mail can help shape your dental practice’s postcard marketing initiative to yield the best results.

Benefits of Postcard Marketing for Dental Practices

If you are new to the sphere of postcard marketing campaign and looking to understand its benefits, check out the top benefits of dental postcard marketing:

Dental Postcards Drive Traffic

One of the best perks of using postcards is that they can drive traffic to your business. Postcards allow you to market your business in creative ways and attract more attention amidst the competition. 

You can quickly convert your newfound traffic into a loyal list of patients! Postcards are also apt if there’s a special event or discount that the business location is offering. 

Offers Versatility

In addition to being cost-effective, postcards are versatile and fun! They can deliver more than just one type of message. Dental practices can straight up send their target audience to a website or physical business location with postcards. 

Thanks to the flexibility of postcards, dental practices can leverage them to conduct surveys and send questionnaires. You can also turn a postcard into redeemable discount coupons or appointment reminders. Also, there’s a great scope for creativity when using postcards for marketing. 

Measurable Campaigns

One of the biggest fears in investing in a new marketing campaign is if you’ll invest more than you’ll receive. That’s why all marketing campaigns should have measurable results. The results from marketing campaigns must be easy to track. With dental postcard marketing, tracking ROIs and campaign data analysis is straightforward. 

You can easily factor in lead conversion rates by looking at the volume of sales leads after sending the postcards. It can give you a pretty good idea if your postcard marketing idea is performing well or not. 

Apt for Test Marketing

Postcard marketing is your best bet if you’ve conducted market research and want to roll out a test campaign. You can analyze the performance of your idea without investing too many resources. Plus, postcard marketing also lets you create a sample-sized campaign. 

Testing a marketing campaign over a small batch of people is the best way to go about it. Also, before sending out the postcards, it is essential to identify the objective of the campaign. 

Prevents Marketing Theft

No one wants to spend their limited resources on a new marketing campaign only to find out that their competition is stealing it. When two similar businesses conduct the same campaign, it’s hard for customers to distinguish. 

Postcard marketing lets you promote your business without your competitors sneaking and stealing. So, you can do postcard marketing for your dental practice without the fear of being copied. Quick Link: Are you looking to increase conversions and ROI with postcard marketing? Trust only pros like San Jose Direct Mail!

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Best Dental Postcard Companies For Your Marketing

Not all dental postcard marketing companies can deliver the expected results. It takes a pro to determine which postcard and the marketing methods that will work best for your dental practice. Here are our top picks for postcard companies that you can use for your next marketing campaign:

  • San Jose Direct Mail: San Jose Direct Mail is probably the best pick if you are looking for complete direct mail assistance. This mailing service also has an option for free samples, which allows you to test their services. Their creative postcard designs offer impressive graphic designs.
  • PostCard Mania: Postcard Mania has been in this business for years. They’ve tested out pretty much all the demographics present out there. Their sample design makes it easy for businesses to pick their postcards.
  • MVP Mailhouse: MVP Mailhouse is a direct mailing company for responsive and professional service. They have a variety of tested templates and customizable mailers.
  • Smart Practice: Smart Practice has carved a niche for itself in the direct mail marketing arena. They offer an option to add Facebook retargeting or call tracking to the campaigns. 

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How often should I send dental postcards?

There is no thumb rule when it comes to the right frequency to send postcards for dental practices. It is better to ensure that there isn’t a too long or short gap between each postcard. Nevertheless, you can mail postcards to your audience every month or two. 
If you wait for too long to send out your next postcard, your prospects might potentially forget you. Also, it is ideal to be consistent with your mailing frequency. 

What dental postcard marketing errors should I avoid?

Dental practices should weigh the use of postcards to avoid making such errors: 
– Targeting only men when women take 80% of the healthcare-related decisions 
– Trying to attract patients without any compelling offer
– Picking an inexperienced postcard marketing company 
– Giving too small or long gaps between postcards 

Are there any benefits to dental postcard marketing?

Postcard marketing presents multiple benefits and opportunities for dental practices. Here are some benefits of postcard marketing for dental practices: 
– They have a targeted approach 
– The postcards come with branding opportunities 
– It is a highly affordable marketing technique
– Postcards can effectively attract more customers
– It can strengthen relationships with your current patients 
– Unlike other marketing campaigns, postcard marketing can be launched quickly 

Why is dental postcard marketing effective?

One of the main reasons why postcard marketing is so effective is because it is highly targeted. Typically, postcard marketing involves only a specific demographic. Moreover, it’s highly personalized and allows dental practices to brand themselves. 
Dental practices can attach enticing discounts and offers for their target audience. Besides, it can help establish a strong relationship with past patients. Considering all these aspects, direct mail postcards are as effective as any other marketing technique. 

What details should my dental postcard have?

Here are a few elements of an ideal dental postcard: 
– Reinforcing images and graphics 
– Eye-catchy colours
– CTA-like subheadings 
– An irresistible offer 
– Logo of your dental practice 
– Contact information 
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Wrap Up

o, that was all you needed to know about dental postcard marketing. If you have been trying other marketing tactics and they have failed to yield results, it’s time you use postcard marketing. Postcard marketing has several benefits for dental practices. 

Starting from driving traffic to measurable campaigns, you can unlock several perks with dental postcard marketing. Apart from being a highly targeted approach, postcard marketing is one of the most affordable marketing methods . If you want to make the maximum out of your investment in dental postcard marketing, check out!


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