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Birthdays are a fantastic excuse to get in touch with your customer. As a local business, you should leverage this affordable marketing technique. They’re effortless, trackable, and guarantee ROI. 

Be it running ads on Google or social media; you’ve probably explored different tools for marketing. But have you tried our birthday postcard marketing?

Sending birthday postcards to your customers serves the same purpose as digital ads. The difference? It sounds less promotional and more personal! And the customers love it when businesses remember their special days and treat them! A direct mail birthday card is a win-win for both you and your clients.

If you are looking for ways to move forward with a birthday postcard marketing campaign, we’re here to help you out! This article will help you learn all about birthday postcard marketing and how to get it right. Let’s get started! 

What are Birthday Postcards?

Before we dive into birthday postcard marketing, let’s understand what birthday postcards are. Well, birthday postcards are just like any other business postcards. However, these types of postcards are specifically to celebrate the recipient’s special day.

Using the birthday of customers is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses. These postcards typically include wishes and incentives for the customer. Each brand’s birthday postcard template can be unique and personalized. 

Birthday postcards are timely and targeted communications between the brand and its audience. Most brands also include discounts and vouchers as a part of the birthday postcard. Nothing persuades the customer more than a quirky wish and gift.

Here’s a sample card for your reference:

birthday postcard marketing

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Benefits of Birthday Postcard Marketing

Your customers and employees deserve great birthday wishes. You can send them beautiful wishes without having to stuff anything in the envelope. Birthday card marketing strategy is a no-brainer. 

It can keep both your customers and employees happy. Here are a few significant benefits of birthday postcards for businesses:

Helps Your Business Stand Out

When was the last time you received a direct mail that you wanted to open? Nowadays, consumers receive tons of emails for bills, ads, and whatnot. Sending a business birthday postcard is a great way to stand out.

It’ll serve as an example that you not only care about customers when they make purchases. They are more likely to open a birthday postcard than another ad on an email.

Helps Build Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention

You would have put a ton of effort and resources to acquire your customers. It only makes sense to put some effort into retaining them as well. The opportunity to build a long-term relationship is already there. All you’ve got to do is touch base with them once in a while.

One of the most effortless ways to communicate and build a strong relationship with your customers is through birthday postcards. Sending personalized birthday postcards can make them feel valued and special. The key here is to make your postcards feel as personalized as possible. 

Postcard Marketing Can Also Help Boost Employee Morale

You should know that business birthday postcards are not restricted to only customers. Your business is as good as your employees. Sending employees birthday postcards will let them know that you value them. It’ll ultimately work to boost employee morale.

You can also attach a simple note of appreciation. It can go a long way in boosting your team’s enthusiasm. Employee birthday cards show employees that the company cares about them. You can go a step ahead by customizing the birthday message for each employee and appreciate them for something specific they have achieved in the past. 

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5 Tips for Birthday Postcard Marketing

There are tons of selections when it comes to greeting cards. But, how do you make sure you’ve got the right one for your postcard marketing campaign? It would be best if you aimed to make your business birthday postcards more impactful and extra special. Here are our expert-approved tips for postcard marketing:

1.     Give an Offer

The customer indeed appreciates when you remember and wish them on their birthday. But guess what they enjoy more? Any form of discount or freebies. You can offer a gift, coupon, discount, or even a gift voucher to your customers on their birthday. These incentives motivate your customers to continue doing business with you. 

Make your offering unique. Try to present your gift uniquely. Also, encourage your customers to sign up for the birthday list. The only way you can leave your competitors behind in the game of birthday postcards is an out-of-the-box offer.

2.     Keep It Quirky and Funny

Your customer’s emailers are bombarded with pop-up ads. One thing we love the most about birthday postcards is that they allow you to cut through the “crowd.” These birthday postcards let you maintain a soft approach while subtly increasing brand awareness.

It is safe to assume that your customers are busy people. So, keep your birthday wish short and crisp! Make every word count as it’ll allow your mail to stand out from that of your competitors.

3.     Remember to Include Brand Name & Logo

Remember that you are not sending a birthday postcard only to wish your customers but also to promote your brand. Therefore, don’t forget to include your brand name and logo.

The customers should remember your business and the products when they see the postcard. It is worth mentioning that postcards that are highly personalized and targeted create a huge impact.

4.     Colorful and Attractive

It is a birthday wish – so make sure the birthday postcards scream celebration and joy! Though you do not wish the customer in person, the postcards should express excitement and fun.  When selecting a birthday postcard template for your business, do not settle for a dull-looking one.

Instead, go for something eye-popping and colorful. However, make sure that the design, template, and fonts sync with that of your brand. You can also pick a template color that matches the brand logo for a more effective reminder.

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Ideas for Birthday Card Incentive

These days, most brands use the power of incentivizing in their postcard marketing approach. Since businesses exist in a highly competitive environment, it is vital to offer something different from the competitors – this is where incentives come in!

Through these postcards, you want to make your customers feel special. However, the motive of these cards is also to bring some sales back in your door. Here are some ideas for incentives that can unlock a stream of sales:

·         Discounts & Offers: One of the most popular inclusions in birthday postcards are discount coupons or offers. Typically, brands give 10-20% discount coupons to customers with their birthday postcards. These coupons are of perceived value to your prospect. To make it more beneficial for your business, make sure to put an expiry date on the voucher.

·         Gift Vouchers or Gift Certificate: It might happen that your business does not have the scope of offering discount coupons or offers. In that case, you can still send them a gift voucher. You can either give a gift voucher for your brand or some other store. A National Restaurant Association survey found that birthdays are the most common occasion to dine out. So, you can also choose to offer vouchers for eateries and restaurants.

We suggest you take time and figure out which of these works best to motivate your customers. In any case, select an approach that directs sales along with making the customers feel special.

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Why Should Businesses Use Birthday Postcards?

Are you still wondering whether or not you should take the birthday postcard marketing approach? Well, if you don’t believe us, you can look at the below pointers and make up your mind! 

·         They’re Eye-Catchy:  Unlike traditional mailers in envelopes, a custom card is attractive and eye-catchy. Their vibrant aesthetics make them less likely to go unread.

·         They Can Generate Responses: Compared to social media, online display ads, and paid search, direct mail has one of the best response rates. Their highly targeted approach makes them an apt choice for marketing. 

·         Postcards Carry a Personal Touch: Your customer’s phones are brimming with emails, soulless direct messages, and social media ads. Postcards offer a personal and nostalgic touch. It helps customers feel cared for and valued. As a result, it can help a brand distinguish itself from its competitors. 

·         Birthday Postcards are Cost-effective: Marketing campaigns can be an expensive affair. However, you can save a chunk of your budget without compromising the effectiveness of birthday postcards. Designing and sending postcards are pretty affordable due to their popularity. 

·         Easy Designing & Customization: Businesses should use birthday postcards because they’re easy to design and customize. Even if you don’t want to spend big bucks on a designer, you can easily create one yourself. Moreover, many online websites and greeting card apps offer free templates for birthday postcards. 

·         Reinforces the Brand: The birthday postcards allow you to strengthen your brand without sounding too promotional. Receiving a birthday wish from a business can mean a lot to customers. They’d remember you when they want to make their next purchase.

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birthday postcard marketing


What should a business birthday postcard contain?

You should remember that the birthday postcard is not just a greeting but also a promotional tool. So apart from a quirky message, you should consider including some form of incentive for your customer. Apart from that, you should also make sure that your business name and logo are a part of the birthday postcard.

Should I send birthday postcards to all my customers?

As a general rule, you should send birthday postcards to customers who have opted for membership or subscriptions for your brand. If you are an e-commerce site, you could send postcards to all customers who have subscribed to your newsletter or have an account with your site.

Is birthday postcard marketing a good idea?

Yes, birthday postcard marketing is a brilliant idea. It works for brands that are looking to build long-lasting client relationships. Birthday postcards offer a level of personalization that not many other marketing techniques can. Besides, offering vouchers and discounts for products can push customers towards making a purchase.

Wrap Up

That was all we had to discuss about birthday postcard marketing.  Your business should take the time to understand how birthday postcards can serve a significant purpose in marketing campaigns. In general, postcards are a great way to remind customers about your brand and products.Birthday postcards show your customers that you care about them. These days, there are a variety of postcard designing websites and tools that can help you. You can either attach discount codes with birthday postcards or offer vouchers for different services.
The creativity and scope of birthday postcards are limitless. The best part about birthday postcards is that they are affordable. So, what’s the hold? It’s time to put that mailing list into use to show your customers that you care! 
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