4 Benefits of Getting Direct Mail for Restaurants Service


If you’re thinking of marketing your restaurant franchise, direct mail is an effective way. It can bring you 30 times more responses than other marketing options and is a great way to spread the word about your business. With a well-crafted direct mail campaign, you can expect to reach new customers and build up your customer base. So why not give it a try? Here are four reasons you should:

1. It’s Targeted Marketing

To identify who should receive your direct mail, start by looking at your mailing list. This list includes people who have shown interest in your restaurant, making it a much narrower audience than those you’d find from random advertising. Segment your list further by narrowing the scope based on factors such as age, income, and location. This will help you target the families most likely interested in your promotions. 

Remember the 40/40/20 rule—40 percent of your campaign’s success depends on the mailing list, 40 percent on the offer, and the remaining 20 percent on the design. Make sure your list signup and surveys are detailed enough to get a good idea of who is on your mailing list, and your direct mail will be off to a great start.

2. It Offers a High ROI

The ROI of a marketing campaign is an important measure of its success. Different marketing strategies have varying levels of return on investment, with direct mail advertising being the highest at 29 percent. When you spend money on direct mail advertising, you’re likely to get more people to respond to your restaurant’s menu, updates, and promotions compared to other strategies like paid search and online display ads. 

You can also use contests to attract customers to your restaurant and increase your ROI. By encouraging participants to share photos on social media, you can get even more people to know about your business.

3. It Complements Digital Marketing

Restaurants can benefit greatly from an omnichannel approach when it comes to marketing. By combining direct mail pieces with digital marketing elements such as email, social media posts, and more, businesses can create a cohesive experience for their audience that increases brand recall, buyer motivation, and total impressions. Direct mail can amplify the message sent with emails, providing additional details such as pricing and pictures that can help encourage patrons to visit the restaurant.

4. It Stands Out from the Competition

When you send out mail to potential customers, you can compete with fewer other companies to get their attention. This makes it easier for your message to stand out and for people to notice your product or service. Direct mail can be a great way to gain new followers and customers, as you can compete for less of their attention.


Direct Mail is an amazing marketing tool for restaurants! Not only does it provide great value for money, but it also allows restaurants to reach out to their target audience directly and personally. It provides a great opportunity to build customer relationships, increase sales, and get customer feedback. 

With the right strategy, direct mail can be an incredibly powerful tool for any restaurant business looking to expand and grow. So what are you waiting for? Get your message out there and start seeing the amazing benefits of Direct Mail for your restaurant today!

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